9th November 2017

Charges and Remissions Policy

Ss Peter and Paul’s Catholic Schools is committed to being a fully accessible and inclusive organisation welcoming and respecting the diversity of its students, staff, community and visitors to the school.

In accordance with Sections 449-462 of the Education Act 1996, the Governing Body make no charge for education or educational activities provided during school hours as part of the published National Curriculum.

The Governing Body, recognising the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities can make towards the personal and social education of students, reserve the right to levy charges as below.

1   School Trips

1.1      Day Trips
No charge will be levied in respect of day trips that are part of the National Curriculum.

1.2      Residential visits
1.2.1   For residential trips which are essential to the National Curriculum, an examination syllabus or religious education a charge will be levied for board and lodgings only.

1.2.2   For residential trips which are not essential to the National Curriculum, an examination syllabus, or religious education a charge will be levied up to the full cost of the visit including contingency and school administrative expenses.

1.3     Visits in support of the curriculum which are desirable but not essential
The school may offer additional opportunities for students.  Such opportunities might comprise an educational visit to an historic site, a theatre visit, work in an art gallery or museum, or use of swimming pools.

Where the school cannot levy charges, and it is not possible to undertake these additional visits within the resources ordinarily available to the school, the school will:

· request or invite parents/carers to make a contribution towards the cost;

· not treat students differently according to whether or not their parents have made any contribution in response to the request or invitation;

· determine the viability of the visit where there are not enough voluntary contributions.  The Headteacher, or delegated authority, has responsibility for making the decisions in relation to viability.

1.4      Payment
School trips that are funded by parents/carers can be paid for by:

· cheques
· cash.

2   Activities outside school hours

2.1     No charge will be made for activities outside school hours that are part of the National Curriculum, an essential part of the examination syllabus or religious education.

2.2     For all other activities outside school hours a charge up to the cost of the activity will be levied.

3    Music Tuition

If students make use of an instrument provided by the school or the Local Authority, a charge will be made in respect of the maintenance of the instrument in accordance with the published scale of charges. A charge will also be made in respect of the cost of tuition.

4    Materials and textbooks

4.1     Voluntary contributions or provision of goods in kind may be requested from parents for materials for practical lessons e.g. Art, Textiles, Design and Technology and Product Design if parents indicate in advance a wish to own the finished product.

4.2     In the case of Food Technology, students will not be charged.

4.3     Textbooks are provided free of charge but in some subjects additional books e.g. revision guides are available for which a charge is made.

5      School Uniform

School uniform is available to purchase from the school offices.

6      Catering

Pupils pay for meals other than those entitled to free school meals (see 10.4 below).

7   Damage/loss to property

The school reserves the right to charge for the cost of repairs or replacement in cases of theft of school property, wilful damage or vandalism.

8   Other charges

Charges may be levied for miscellaneous services up to the cost of providing such services e.g. for providing a copy of an Ofsted report.

Charges may be remitted in full or in part in respect of a student or an activity if the Headteacher or Governing Body feels it is reasonable in the circumstances.

Parents/carers in receipt of the following benefits will be exempt from paying for board and lodging for essential residential trips (see paragraph 1.2.1 above):

· Income Support;

·  Income Based Job Seekers Allowance;

· support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999;

· Child Tax Credit, provided that Working Tax Credit is not also received and the family’s income does not exceed £16,190 as assessed by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs;

· the guaranteed element of State Pension Credit;

· income-related Employment and Support Allowance;

· Universal Credit

Free School Meals
If you are working and on low income, or in receipt of benefit your children may be entitled to free school meals and free school milk worth over £450 a year for each child Children in Reception class and Key Stage One receive Universal Free School Meals.

For further information and/or assistance in applying please contact the school and we will be pleased to help

Monitoring and Review
The school will monitor and amend this policy and procedures as necessary in line with accepted and developing good practice.