9th November 2017

Complaints Procedure


Make an appointment to discuss your complaint with the class teacher or the Head teacher if your complaint is about a member of staff or the Chair of Governors if your complaint is about the Head teacher.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome then make an appointment to raise your complaint with the Head teacher. (Proceed straight to step 4 if you are not satisfied about the outcome of a complaint about the Head teacher.)

If you remain unsatisfied with the outcome following your appointment with the Head teacher then put your complaint in writing addressed to the Chair of Governors, marked private and confidential. The Chair of Governors will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss your complaint further.

The Chair of Governors will then write to you within 10 working days of the outcome of your discussion. If you are not happy with the outcome you can then request in writing within 10 working days that your complaint be heard by the Governing Body Complaints Committee

Complaint to the Governing Body Complaints Committee
The committee will consist of a minimum of three governors with delegated powers.

The committee will be appointed by the chair of governors with the chair of the committee being appointed when they meet. The complaints committee will take a decision as to any action to be taken in response to the complaint.

For example they may choose to:

• convene a hearing at which the complainant will be invited to put forward their case. This should be held within 20 working days of the decision to hold a hearing;

• dismiss the complaint in whole or in part;

• uphold the complaint in whole or in part;

• recommend changes to the school’s systems or procedures to ensure that problems of a similar nature do not recur.

In reaching a decision the committee may take the advice of such bodies as they see fit, in particular the Local Authority and where appropriate the Diocesan Authority.

If it is decided that it is appropriate to hold a hearing, the clerk of the complaints committee will inform both parties in writing of the decision of the committee within five school days.

If a complaint has been made by a number of parents and it is about whole school issues they may, at any stage of the procedure, ask the Chief Inspector of schools to investigate their complaint. The Chief Inspector may or may not require the school’s complaints procedure to be exhausted before he decides whether or not to investigate.

Any complainant can also ask the Local Authority to review the procedure. The request seeking a review must be received by the LA, addressed to the Executive Director of Children’s Services, within ten school days of the date of the hearing.

There is also recourse to the Secretary of State or, if the complaint is against action taken, or not taken by the Local Authority, it is possible for the complaint to be referred to the Local Government Ombudsman.