9th November 2017

Intimate Care Policy


We firmly believe and promote the idea that we are all made in the image and likeness of God and as such we have a duty to preserve the dignity of all adults and children in our school.

We never refuse entry to our school on the grounds of medical needs nor do we discriminate against those who have them so long as we are able to meet their needs.

Due to the young nature and stage of development of many of our pupils then staff are often called upon to assist in their intimate care. Children entering our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) are usually out of nappies by the time they attend however, there are occasions for a variety of reasons when this is not the case. On the other end of the scale we also have pupils in our school community who are reaching puberty and staff, are sometimes called upon for advice, guidance and care.

With older children, should persistent issues continue to arise a separate individual plan will be tailor made to the child in consultation with parents and appropriate professionals.

Aims and objectives

To ensure the safe and emotional wellbeing of our children the protection of their dignity is of paramount importance.


  • Where nappies are worn – children will be changed on a changing unit in the sectioned off area in the EYFS unit out of sight from the other children
  • Everyday accidents of any sort in the EYFS/ Pre-school which require the changing or cleaning and changing of the child will take place in the toilet cubicles in EYFS unit out of sight of other children with the adult being in view of other adults.
  • Where accidents occur in EYFS/ Reception class the changing will take place in the Reception cloakroom toilets.
  • Where children in KS1 need changing then this will take place in the KS1 toilets.
  • Where possible older children will be encouraged to change themselves out of view of others with the adult offering only verbal encouragement
  • Clean spare clothing is always available in school for children to change into, these should normally be returned to school, clean, the next school day
  • All changing equipment needed will be collected before commencing the changing/cleaning to minimise the time taken


  • In Pre-School and Reception Class only adults employed by the school or Pre-School will change/clean a child
  • In KS1 Should parents be unavailable, only adults employed by the school or Pre-School will change/clean a child
  • Adults changing children will inform another member of staff before commencing
  • Children will be reassured throughout, by the adult in attendance
  • Where adults, employed by the school, are approached for assistance from a child with puberty related needs, the child will be offered appropriate support either directly or taken to a designated member of staff, who will ensure that their needs are met.