School Life

School Life

At Ss Peter and Pauls, we challenge our students to make significant contributions to our school community. The following groups make a significant contribution to our school community and, where possible, our local area. Below is a summary of their work:

School Council

Each year, each of our year groups elect two School Council members. Each candidate who would like to be considered is provided with an opportunity to make a speech and outline the contributions they'd make to whole school life. They also consider what positive changes they would suggest in meetings.

This process is a reminder of the democratic process we value so much in our school and indeed in British society.

Throughout the year our School Council meet with our 'PHSE Lead/Community Ambassador', Mrs Allison and Mrs Chapman (Executive Headteacher), to share their views on how the school functions and to ensure our pupils' voice is heard in decisions we make as a staff. 

Art Ambassadors

Our Art Ambassadors are fantastic role models for fellow pupils and were picked by their class teachers for the skill they display in Art and for the leadership skills they possess when working with others. They act as mentors to pupils in their class during whole school art days and are often seen promoting art across the school.

Eco Warriors

Our recently established 'Eco-Warriors' have wasted no time in raising awareness on the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment in school and beyond. They regularly pick litter on site to ensure our learning environment is immaculate and share the need to recycle in order to care for our world around us.

Mini Vinnies

Our Year 4 'Mini Vinnies' work hard to ensure that they put their faith into action, with the aim of helping the vulnerable in our society. In the Autumn term, they have sang in residential homes and made Christmas cards for residents. They are also planning a variety of charity events this year and will be making contributions to our affiliated Churches, to show their service for others.